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Advantages of Gambling Online

There are quite a few advantages to gambling online. Some even, that I thank my lucky stars for the breath of fresh air that spending my own money in my own personal space gives me. Also, the personal on-the-move touch that I can have at times. You’ve probably
guessed what I’m going to talk about, but first, a little story.

I grew up near the beach, a lot of my youth in the summer was mingling with my friends at the amusement arcades. I guess you could call these the children’s versions of Casino’s. Anyway, most of my summer was spent in these places; among the noise, bum fighting for the popular slots, and if any of us wanted to go somewhere else then we had to check no-one was winning. And oh my god, don’t get me started on the weird kids that would hang around and just watch us.

You have none of that when you’re online gambling. I can get up in the morning with a nice cup of coffee, sit down at my PC and fire up my go-to slots and have a game if I wish. Surrounded in my own silence I can relax and have a few games before I get ready for work. The personal privacy that I have when playing these is awesome; no noisy slots, no noisy room, just 100% focus.

Then there’s the whole issue of going to work. Now I’m not saying you should spend an entire morning before work gambling online, but the option is there to do it. Busy commute? Why not fire up your mobile and open the casino for a few of your favorite table games as you travel. You don’t need to play with much. Most of the time I play 10c – 20c games. I’m not a BIG gambler, but I do enjoy the fun it gives me.

No need to wait for someone to finish playing your favorite slot either. The amount of times I’ve had to sit down waiting for someone to lose all their money so that I can finally play my favorite slots has been unnerving. Even worse if they have emptied it clean. But the good thing with online casino’s is that there’s no waiting, there’s no getting annoyed as someone else cleans your favorite game out of money – it’s just unfettered privacy.

Also, gambling online has its gaming advantages too. For instance, I have to travel at least 100 miles to my nearest Casino, whereas here I can just fire up my computer and we are away (or my mobile phone), and with that there are BIG wins too. Just last month I won
nearly $300 from $1 games, and I can’t get that kind of staking advantage anywhere locally. There’s no way I could stake $25 a go for tremendous wins. I think the nearest
here is $1 slots.

But not only the price, but the digital advantage also. For instance, on the table games I’m no longer trying to hide my expression from the dealer and other players, and I don’t have to watch my body language at all. It’s all done via computer where we can’t see each other. I like that because I’m not good at hiding stuff.

And lastly there is far more at offer online than at traditional Casino’s. In most online casino’s there’s more choice and variance between games than ever, but if you frequent traditional casino’s you’ll see that they are fairly routine and has a set order. Online there is none, you can basically play whatever you want, when you want, and in your own privacy.



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