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Depositing and withdrawing at casinos are easy and fast, now been over 20 years with online gambling the operators have a lot of experience and influence and can offer great payment options. Some RTG software are more difficult to deal with and so on our site we have only listed other types of casinos, like Microgaming casinos. Some pay out within hours, others days. Withdrawing and depositing for foreign users, can be tricky, if the nation you live in doesnt accept casinos, like in Greece and some places in USA. Going to foreign casinos and using banks that operate online can help, but still be aware of the legal issues. In Greece they have blocked access to some online gambling places and this is to happen in Norway too. In USA there are restrictions, though sportsbooks offering have become legal, read more below for different payment methods for moneygames online. Click here to read article about lending money for gambling purposes.


This bank named NETeller is the best based on our experience, less fees and you get a great card to use to withdraw money. You get your virtual NETeller card, as well a physical and you can buy online and offline with them. You can also use BOKU with them, a phone company allowing you to deposit with your mobile phone, sending you a bill after 14 days. Click here to view some winning betting slips. An advice to get your winnings fast, within one second, is to before you withdraw your money to deposit again with NETeller, a small amount. If you have won a great amount it shouldnt be a problem to deposit lets say $20. Then withdraw your desired amount and within seconds you will have them in your NETeller account. Recommended!

Rating: 6/6


Visa & Mastercard

You could always deposit with visa or mastercard. But, some online bingo however not accept visa cards while others accept visa / master.

Rating: 4/6


Similar to NETeller but less great. Offers yet a mastercard but could be a good second bank to use if something goes wrong with NETeller. Was named Moneybookers before and has been online for many years now.

Rating: 5/6


Siru Mobile

This is a pay by phone bill company. Many casinos offer Siru mobile. The first way of depositing with Siru was not so very advanced, paying $15 each call with maximum up to $80 a day with amonthly limit of $1000. This has offcourse been updated by Siru and one can now pay a direct payment of $70 were one has to pay ones bill within one week through online banking. They are going through changes right now and we will have to wait and see what they will offer as more standard practice.

Rating: 4/6

siru pay by phone bill


Boku Mobile

Another pay by phone company. Came 1,5 years ago. This bank can be found in your NETeller account. Their maximum there limit of deposit is $100 and one can deposit up to 6 that amount per month. Expensive fees but is a good way of depositing if one is in need.

Rating: 4/6

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