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Gambling affiliate

Did you know you can make money by promoting gambling sites? If you have a website you can easily add banners and text links to it and generate money from each customer. Here we will tell you about making money with casinos and general gambling places online.

You can get percenteges of each deposit loss from players all around the world, or you can make CPA, meaning an amount of money for each paying customer. It is much more rewarding to have revenue money as players tend to come and stay for some months, but depends on what type of site you have and what type of clients you get. If your customers are one time players and with small deposits, CPA will work better. You will need a site having hundreds of visits to be able to get the smallest revenue per month, if you dont have such sites, you can always advertise online, through other sites or with ad networks, like Google Ads. It will cost some money and you will need a certificate to be able to add ads there, so kind of complicated.

Having a site about news will give less gamblers, as it is not targeted ads. If you have gambling, games it will be better. Even sites about entertainment can work great. Text links can often work much better than banner ads.

It has become much more difficult to make money online the last 10 years, as how it was in the start to do advertising and challenges webmasters much more today rather than before. Even so there are different ways to do to decrease this difficult challenge.

One can exchange links instead of just buy, in this way one can double the links pointing to your site. Beware that direct linkexchange should be done little of as Google looks down on such. Try to point for example site A to B and get B to point to E. Then you get most out of the exchange. Remember that many webmasters wont continue to linkexchange with you if you take their links down, so try to link from sites that has less value, by this the links will be longer on your sites. You can go in different offer pages and send them printed ads on paper, that the persons need to print out and deliver in the areas they are in. This is called offline advertising and can work, just look out for the rules that are. There are plenty of sites that offer help in exchange of money. What you should also remember is to not put your sites in directories that are free, search engines look down at such and as well the directory you list your site to should have same theme as your sites. Even though following such rules your site can be punished so you should watch out adding your sites to directories at all. Also linking to your index page is OK but Google likes it when links are sent to underpages of your site.

Now with CSS and mobile friendly sites it is difficult to make a website. You can buy to get the job done for you, this might cost 1000$ to 5000$ depending on how big you want your site and quality issues. The most importnat is not design but that the code works, is mobile friendly and has good content. Like 2000 word pages and not smaller like 500 word. You can always advertise on different search engines but this is costy and you could thereby instead focus on non used words like instead of casino, xasino. This will lower down the cost of the advertising but also the traffic. You shouldnt have more than 15 inks pointing out from your site as it can be seen as link farm site.

Gambling affiliates are making huge money, the new ones less as the industry is filled and is difficult to come on top of placements with new sites. Anyway you could try and we wish you all luck!



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