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Legal issues & gambling

Many claim that online casino poker and sportsbooks give addiction to the players, making them loose money were some nations thereby making it so that they try to stop the gambling by bocing the gambler from inserting money to an online sportsbook pooker or casino. Some go as far as to blocking gamblers to enter each gambling website. Though some nations do this, they still promote their own gambling products to their citizens to control the industry. Having something illegal makes it much more interesting so their try goes to waste as it promotes more.

Gambling addiction is not caused by the industry itself, though the gambling companies would love so, it is instead found in some people who already dispose a need for addiction, whether that is sugar, gambling or narcotics. Psychiatry has just recently found out about this. It means it is not the gambling games themselves causing the gamblers to loose all of their money but it is in the persons themselves, if there was no sugar, they would turn to drugs, if there was no gambling they would turn to either sugar og narcotics something much much worse. Sugar, having to suffer from diabetes and other diseases caused by gaining weight. If each nation would allow gambling online more money would be given to the nations that they could use more smart. Gamblers would as well have a uch better potencisl of winning more money.

Sweden has legalized all gambling and USA has legalized sportsbooks. The whole restriction against casinos, poker and sportsbooks is cause of the hgih addiction possibility, cause of ignorance by many nations players will have to suffer not beeng able to bet their own money with their own free will.



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