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Keno rules

Keno is basically a continuous lottery. It is popular in the American casinos with many games played each day. Players choose from one to 20 numbers which they mark onto a ticket card. They present their ticket to a keno writer along the with the appropriate stake and arre issued with a computerized ticket. For each game 20 numbers are randomly drawn and displayed on boards around the casinos. The payout for different combination of numbers are also displayed. Players need to simply look at the board and check to see if their ticket has a win for the game they have played.

Keno is played for small stakes but potencialy huge jackpots. An example of this is the 1998 win, at Burswood Casino in Australia where a woman who won a jackpot totalling A$1 MILLION by selecting 10 out of 10 correct numbers for a A$2 bet.

Games like keno prove that it is not always the good gambler who wins lots of money. An australian from Townsville who won the biggest keno jackpot in Queensland did so without picking a single winning number. He had played two "quick tips" at a local hotel. Simply because none of his 40 numbers came up he won A$250,00

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