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Finger chipping and casinos

The online gambling world has developed very fast and smart from 2002 and many technologies and advanced games can be found at online gambling places. Paying with visa was the main deposit method in 1998 til 2002 about and the payment options increased, were one could deposit with international banks and other type of cards. As deposits took longer time before the online banks managed a co operation with online casinos to speed up the deposit and withdrawal. Games have become much better, even 3D games can be played as well live casinos can be played, were real people are seen in the screen, like the dealers in blackjack.

Now with the finger chipping that is mostly famous in Sweden last year, were more and more are having their fingers chipped, this to be able to identify ones self without passport or and visa. One will in the future be able to pay by ones finger, imagine the new technology in the gambling area. PC and laptops as well mobile phones will surely have finger chipping available, were instead of typing your visa card to pay online you will be able to use your finger on the PC and mobile phone to pay and identify yourself. Making the whole business more easier for all.

Microchip finger will be available as standard method to pay and identify ones self with within 5 years or maybe even 10. Before that people will slowly find out about the microchip finger methods and choose to have the microchip implanted in them. Until then, no worries, as the gambling industry has enough payment and withdrawal options, now with the new thing, bitcoins.


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