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Roulette rules


Roulette is considered the most glamorous game in a casino. The game is to bet the outcome of a rotating wheel. Two versions exist of this game, the American and the European, where the latter offers the player a greater chance of winning. As baccarat this is a game without an element of skill and it is impossible to reduce the casino's mathematical advantage. Especially in the US version this advantage is high - 5.6 per cent against 1, 35 percent in the European version. Because of the large non benefit for the player this is a more entertainment game than a game for the experienced gambler.

American roulette, which is played with two zeros is derived from the original French version played with only one zero. Casinos particulary like the american version better because it is cheaper to run than French roulette and only needs one dealer to operate the game. American roulette is also more profitable as the bets come flooding in at a faster rate.

American roulette is played on a large table which is printed with a betting layout. At one end of the table a wheel encased in a wooden cylinder turns on a central spindle. The wheel is divided into 38 sections, numbered from zero to 36 inclusive, plus a section numbered double zero (00).

Consecutive numbers are arranged opposite each other on the wheel. Each number is coloured either red or black and the zeros coloured green.

The aim of roulette is to predict the number on which a ball spun around the wooden cylinder will land. The ball is spun by hand by the dealer and must make at least three revolutions before dropping it into one of the numbered sections on the wheel. The ball moves in the opposite direction to which the wheel is spun. Each new spin starts from the previous number.

Predicting the winning number is made more difficult by the dealer who can spin the ball at differing speeds by applying more or less pressure to the ball. The rate at which the wheel spins is also constantly changed. Before spinning the ball the dealer may speed up or slow down the wheel. Diamond shaped bars arranged around the lower part of the wooden casing help deflect the ball as it drops into the wheel. Dealers are also changed at regular intervals as individual dealers each have their own pace and rhythm.

Roulette chips can only be used on the table to which they correspond. Their value is automatically the minimum bet on that table. If players want to have a higher value they simply inform the dealer who will position markers to denote the chip's new value which may be up to the table maximum.

Although roulette players may bet with cash chips it is advisable to play with table chips, (also known as colour) to avoid disputes. If a player does start betting with cash chips the dealer will calll out "reds on" or "blacks on" for example, depending on the value of the chips. This warns other players not to bet with the same colour cash chips.

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