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Slot machines rules

Slot machines (slots) are by far the easiest and most popular casino game to play because they require no skill on the part of the players. They also offer potencially huge returns for a small investment. There is an almost infinite variety of machines with new designs constantly beeng developed. Most mimic traditional fruit machines with basic symbols on spinning drums but instead ot the original three drums many now incorporate 4, 5, or 6 drums or payout lines, making it hardeer for players to win. Each coin played brings a new line into play so it makes sense to play with maximum numbers of lines. Mechanical systems which used rotating drums and were activated by pulling a lever have given way to push buttons oparated microprocessor controlled machines with payouts controlled by computer chips but there is no changing the popularity of the slots.

The object of playing the slots is to spin the drums so that identical symbols end up across the winning screen. (Either vertically or horizontally.) There is a hierarchy of symbols with some giving higher payouts than others. There is also difference in the way the payouts are calculated. Some slots (known as flat top slots) have set payouts, whilest the payouts on progressive slots (groups of slot machines that are linked by computers) change all the time as more money is played on them. Whenever any of the linked machines are played the overall jackpot increases.

Progressive slots often give out huge jackpots often enough to create instant millionaires. In some countries all the casinos belonging to a group have linked their slots electronically creating more opportunities for winning mega jackpots, regardless of which casino you are playing in. Slots can pay up to 98% of the money putted into them but of course this does not mean that an individual player will win 98% of the time. Large payouts may only happen once or twice a year leaving the majority of players to share the balance in the form of small returns.

Why free bonuses is a "no no".

It appears great, wow you say, free cash? Offcourse. So you downloaded the casino and registered.. You play the bonus amount received and most often you loose as the bonus in form of free cash is so small it is impossible to win. Some do win though, few, but they have to deposit money to get the bonus - not too bad though but still such rules are not known by fresh gamblers as it is written in small text on their terms and conditions.

Casinos before, some of them, had no maximum cashout with such free bonuses. Today though 90% of them have maximum cashout limi ts meaning even if you won an amount of $3000 or more you will not be able to withdraw more than $50 - $300 - So whats the point?

Many casinos as well require you to fill out forms, send papers of visa card and different other documents, this is time consuming and of what I believe all these factors mentioned above are neither positive for the casino player neither for the casino industry.
If you dont have money then wait to play by saving some each day - In this way at least you will have a chance of winning.

You can also if you like play on slot tournaments, were we prefer Microgaming casinos, were you pay from $5 to $50 to play a tournament, ending up on top will give you a money prize. You can win up to $50.000 and when the slot tournaments started 15 years ago, you could easier win as there were less players, and so easier to win. Today there are many players and the tournament group is many times filled. It is not easy to win but worth a shot, as the pay amount is much less of the prizes. There are other casinos offering free tournaments, either without deposit or sometimes with deposit, such tournaments can give out huge prizes and you can find those at our casinos listed on our site.

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